It’s Monday and im sitting here with spencer. He purrs so loud! I tried some new crackers and they are quite delicious 🙂 They are called Cheez- it Zingz the Chipoltle Cheddar kind. Mr. Longfellow thinks it makes my breath smell horrible and actually asked me to brush my teeth and i just sat there like :O then i blew air in his face mwahahahahahaha! It really is fun living with him now cause i wait until he is completely engrossed in Call of Duty: Ghosts and i tickle him or like he will wait unitl im cooking and he will wipe his wet hands on my face.I used to be bothered when his dog Vinny got on the bed cause he stays outside all day then he rolls in dirt and smells bad. Then one day he snapped and said how i dont want any animals in here and i said that wasnt the case when the dogs lay on the carpet i dont care.I just like things being clean especially where i sleep. A few minutes after that conversation i decided i was being harsh about his dog so i called him onto the bed and sat on the other side petting him. That’s what relationships are about … compromise. All of that started because his moms puppy pee’d on the blanket i had over my legs. I got upset because i asked him not to put the puppy on the bed when we first got it for her and he said okay and i said because he would pee. And what does he do? Put the puppy on the bed and it instantly pees. ON ME, and so i get up and tell him what happened and he continues to play his game like nothing happened. of course being a female this angers me being ignored and he just ends up yelling ITS A PUPPY. yes it is a puppy thats not potty trained but that was not the point. I asked him one thing and he broke his word. That’s all i want. If someone tells me to my face that they wont or will do something especially if they are a significant part of my life… FOLLOW THROUGH WITH IT.