Happy Friday.. woo. Yes that was sarcasm. Mr. Longfellow isn’t in a good mood and i don’t know what to do to cheer him up. There’s so much going on. Us getting married and also finding a place to move. I am staying calm about the situation even though i’m just as lost as he is. I mean that’s how relationships are. When someone has a weak moment the other is supposed to be strong. So …meh. Next weekend hopefully i’m going to try on a dress. My mom declined this weekend because she has to study for exams. Im hungry. Grilled cheese would be excellent. I haven’t really worked this week. At all. It’s starting to be confusing because i blog, check emails, type book (most of which i can’t read), call some people, go on twitter, i haven’t been able to take angel pictures in a graveyard yet, and ect. Like i know what my job is. It is clearly defined in my contract but idk. I’m not quitting it there’s just a stand still right now due to legibility of book pages and the fact i just sent the ipad away a few days ago so i cant do the accounting. So i figured i can at least blog today and get a little bit of time clocked in. I went to the doctor yesterday to start my pain management and i thought it was weird that there were cameras in the x-ray room. Which i have never seen before. I know at the hospital on post they like tell you to change in that room so the fact the other place has cameras sounds like a lawsuit waiting to happen AND there are not nurses in the room when your doctor is in the room. I need to go get an MRI then take ot to them then i can get my injections in my spine. It sounds super painful 😦 I need a hug or chocolate. Both preferably. But i guess i don’t NEED chocolate. It’s a comfort item.