HAPPY FRIDAY! today really isnt that special. I got out of the shower and went to grab my towel and the towel bar fell and hit my foot and i wanted to cry. But i didnt so … im a tough chicka lol. It definitely hurt and left two ugly bruises on the toop and side of my foot. Yesterday the Playstation 4 got here. I had stuff to go do and i forgot and i ended up watching Mr. Longfellow play Call of Duty: Ghosts. Today my tv will be delivered. I have a long scratch on my hand and i have no idea how it got there. I just realized by the loud clicks of this keyboard.I type pretty fast 😀 so spencer is a family cat, 1 of 3, and when he argues what you say he goes MEH!!! i was sitting on the couch and i pulled the blanket off my lap and the other half he was laying on so i pulled it from out under him and he gave me a dirty look and i said “:are you mad i took the blanket??” and he looks at me and goes MEH! and then i bust out laughing and so does my future father in-law. These cats so are so feisty today. They keep fighting each other. Like. They are cats. What kind of beef could they possibly have with one another. I dont know. It says its 31 outside and i walked out there with wet hair and shorts on. I hope my sister texts me so i can leave and go do something. My other sister finally left GA yesterday which bothers me because she had me waiting at my parents house for 7 hours waiting on her to show up the day before. I was being nice and i was going to say bye. I ended up leaving to go home as he was crossing several roads before the house. I dont like when people are inconsiderate of someone elses time. Its just rude. I went home because Mr. Longfellow was home from work and i wanted to spend time with him before he had to sleep within an hour. It sucks that he works an hour away. He wakes up at 4:20 gets up and ready in his uniform (Which he looks adorable in) and then leaves and doesnt come home until 7:30. Im not the type thats like “OH MY GAWD YOU NEED TO QUIT YOUR JOB BECAUSE I WANT YOU HERE”. Yes, i do wish i had more time with him but im patient. he has 2 days on 2 days off then weekends alternate between on and off. An hour before bed is still better than no time at all. All these damn cats are sniffing at my pudding cup 😦 MINE! and then Gizmo across the room is like contorting himself to chew on his back. I think its funny when cats put their leg up in the air. They do human things. Like Spencer. The orange tabby. Was sleeping on this chair with his butt on the chair and the rest of him folded on top of his butt it was one of the strangest things i have seen. This weather is super mixed up just a few days ago i was at the beach and now its 30 degrees. My birthday is next month 😀 on the 22nd. I probably wont do anything /: im super hungry. 😮 I have bean and cheese burritos in the freezer. How about JG Fitzgerald went over to my last residence and i was eating said burritos and he said “yuck! what is that?!?!?!” and then threw it away. That was my lunch. So he brought me trail mix. It doesnt compare. I got the Kingdom Hearts game i had been wanting to play. Mr. Longfellow and i went to Gamestop and traded in his Xbox 360, games, and controllers and got store credit so he got me 2 games, Kingdom Hearts and the new Final Fantasy game for Playstation 4. Unfortunately the second game isnt out yet so he put in a preorder. I dont expect him to get me things and when he does i just want to cuddle him. Like the day he ordered the Ps4… Bath and Body Works is right by Gamestop and he told me to go in and pick something with the extra cash from selling his truck. I got the Maui shower gel. It smells quite nice. I keep forgetting to take it into the shower so i have only used it on my hands.