Meh. its thursday. I still feel horrible.And my tummy hurts. Its 1:40. It was funny i had to call Urban Outfitters this morning and she was like 
“Im so jealous of your name” and i was like haha 😀

TRUE STORY. Mr. Longfellow has got me hooked on EDM (electric dance music). Oh and how about i was standing under the ceiling fan and he asks “are you high??” and hes taller than me so he moved his head in and out of the light watching my eyes adjust and said that my pupils were big and i was just standing there confused. i have never done drugs so yeah.It was weird coming from him randomly. I found pictures from when i graduated high school and my hair has grown so much! eh why is this computer lagging so bad 😦 its making me sad. here i am trying to blog my life away and its like”naw dog.”. Sorcery! uhm i smell something burning and i did not light a candle….uh oh.. maybe mama Longfellow did. or this window has super poor insulation cause i know it lets in a cold breeze at night which is why i sleep with 4 blankets. Beep boop beep. i was at Wendys the other day and a female voice says hi to me and i look and its someone that was a total wench to me in high school and then i here her say come to mommy and i look at her arms extended to the baby across the table. Everyone is poppin out babies like tic tacs. Like my sister just announced yesterday that shes having another baby. granted shes older than these fresh out of high school females. But i guess i cant really say anything because im getting married but i wont be having any youngins for at least 3 years. He wants to name his son Tiberius and im like why lol and he said because its a roman guy from history(and hes roman) and i said okay and then his mom told me its actually a name from star trek. Hes not a star trek fan hes 100% star wars,his mom told me then laughed and said shes not going to be the one to break the news to him so i dont know if i should tell him or not hahaha. I was upset yesterday because when ever i mention wedding stuff to him he completely doesnt respond and i found out its because he doesn know anything about wedding stuff and i said i want him to atleast show interest so he said if i ask him stuff about it he will give his opnion. Im finding the stuff and he said hes paying for it. I found my dress years ago and they are still selling it. Its only 248 and some change and free shipping but i dont know what size i am i think i am a 4 but i need to go to Davids Bridal and try one on of that brand so i dont order something the wrong size. Im excited 😀