Ugh. I was almost done with this post then i hit a button on the left side of my laptop and it erased everything except the first 7 words 😦 I hate repeating myself. Its like i have a on demand button and people think “oh let me press it because i can”. If i take the time to elaborate on something be considerate enough to listen to what the frack i’m saying. So Monday the Longfellow crew went and picked up mamas new puppy hes squeeling his face off. Its super annoying. I’m trying to not be anti social and hide in my room. so she left for the store and i took him out of the cage. Hes so small! Mr. Longfellow named him octavis. which is hilarious because he is such a tiny breed. He is trying to eat the computer right now. I got a call from the hospital and i’m going in at 1:20. I have been sick for over a month and I don”t know why /: I want a Pikachu hat!