So I’m looking at starting my photography classes I have a deal to get 4 classes for $79 but I also need to purchase a digital camera which is $130-230. So I’m not sure when I can pursue this. I have always loved photography. Oh yeah, I got the new film for the Diana+ camera and I’m waiting to go to a cemetery for angel pictures I’m going with Mama Longfellow. Mr. Longfellow said last night that he is thinking of transferring from the state prison to a local jail to be closer to home. Which is good but then where are we going to move in town? We both strongly dislike this town and it won’t be cheap. The wedding is still in July. I finally got guts and kinda told one of my sisters finally I sent a message on Facebook while I was laying awake a few nights ago and said ” I’m getting married in July. I’d like you to be there.” And she said ” alright. I will be”. That’s the sister that I didn’t want to tell because she critiques everything I try to get going for my life. My mother told my sisters it won’t last. That hurts. A lot. My own mother won’t even be happy for me. Sometimes I just want to dig down and hurt her. Just one time. Just so she knows a fraction of the way she makes me feel. But I’m not that type of person. People can hurt and hurt and hurt me and I’ll still see good in them. And it’ll be my downfall and already has been in many situations. Today is Saturday and I’m supposed to do a google hangout at 4:30. Other than that I’m not up to anything. I need to do inventory for things to sell and drink something. I’m really bad about hydration. The most I drink a day is about 2 normal size cups of water. It’s supposed to be 6-8. Water is my kryptonIte. It’s so boring. And Mio liquid Water stuff is too strong for me. I don’t like Crystal Light for the same reasons. There is a can of Lemonade on the table next to me but I’m trying to use the force and hope it’ll appear in my hand. I guess I’m not a sorcerer. Sorceress. Whatever. So NCIS:Los Angeles. The short woman. Is she the same short lady off Disneys The Incredibles????? I think I’m onto something! (;