i got my laptop charger yesterday πŸ˜€ i’m unstoppable now. I use my #koolkid phone, laptop, and company Ipad, I am very thankful for technology. Online banking is awesome sauce. It’s annoying having to wait in line at a bank that only has one person working. To me it’s on the same level as automated systems. “press 4 for technical support” *presses 4* “Due to high call quantity there will be a hold for the next available representative” here i am thinking oh cool i will just wait…” please enter the social security number associated with this account”…… D: “nooooooooooooo!!!!”. I was calling technical support to pay a bill on my sisters plan.. how would i know all their identity mojo.. so i go into the store.. “hi how may i help you” “i need to pay a bill”. The woman takes my money and gives back the proper amount and i go on with my day. Simplicity. That’s all i want. Tomorrow i have a date with Mr. Longfellow πŸ™‚ he said last night we would be going to see The Lego movie Wednesday. Since i’ve moved in we really haven’t had date nights like we used to. Before, when i was a live-in nanny in another city, he’d take me out to eat or see a movie every weekend/every other weekend when i was able to leave work. I don’t think his mom likes me as much. He’s been sick lately and i was making him grilled cheese in the kitchen and his mom came in and was basically asking to give him tylenol.. it hadn’t even been an hour since i gave him mucinex.So i stood there and i just grinned and she asked what and i said it doesn’t matter and she kept asking so i stated thebox said don’t take with tylenol; and she says “see that’s why i went to nursing school i know he can take one with it”. So i was like whatever( i didn’t say that but i was thinking it). I wasn’t saying she’s wrong.. i’m just very to code about medicine. I rarely take medicine. I avoid it because i grew up seeing a family member pop pills everyday. If i have a really bad headache i will go pass out for 2 hours and if that doesn’t help i will try eating and or drinking water. AND THEN i will resort to medicine. I had a best friend in high school. She was like my sister and she drank.. she would pressure me to and i will admit.. i did 3 times in very small quantities. Then after her brother had surgery on his mouth he was prescribed liquid codine. She would mix it in a thermos with her drinks and tried getting me to drink it. Then she had surgery on her chin because it got infected and she got vicaden. Which also she took with her drinks. i told her it was wrong and she needed to stop or i wouldn’t be around anymore and i’d tell her mom. Her parents let her drink they just didn’t know about the meds. I didn’t do it because i knew it was wrong and i didn’t want to die from it. She weighs alot more than me so her body can handle bigger quantities of medicine. About a year ago she sent me a friend request on Facebook and i let it sit there and after a few months i accepted it. She still has yet to message me. It’s whatever. meh. I have a headache. How many people actually read this blog anyway. I’d love some comments.