It’s friday.. no flea market for kitty. Mr. Longfellow is sick and doesn’t want to go. So he’s just gonna sit on his computer all day. If that’s how this weekend goes I’m not going to be happy. He has today, tomorrow, and Sunday off. He said he wanted to go see the Lego movie  when the previews first came out and the week it was premiering and I thought ” who wants to go to the flea Market sick and when it’s raining I’ll ask if he still wants to go see the Lego movie, it involves him just sitting there.” he said no. Most computer geeky guys live on their computer because they have nothing else until they find a girlfriend..and here I am … “Perfect woman” and I get 15 min after he gets off work and that’s while he’s eating then back to the computer, he showers, then sleeps. I don’t know. its just meh. And now that he’s sick it’s even less time. So I’m being a good fiancé and making him food and getting him medicine. He’s actually out of mucinex so later we are going to walmart for more. Today my proper phone case is scheduled to arrive. Yay? I have a headache and I never fully recovered from when I was sick last time. I kept the mucus cough. So I’ll probably go get my lungs checked in two weeks. tom and jerry is on. It’s a quite violent children’s show. But Regular Show on Cartoon Network the 3rd and 4th episodes mordecai anod rigby say “pissing me off”. Gizmo the fluffy kitty is passed out my calves. Sour gummies sound really good right now.