Well it’s Thursday. Nothing really fun happened today. Oh wait a psycho guy decided to message me on Facebook and told me he was going to chop off all my fingers because he said he’d like to get to know me and I replied with a picture of my ring. He continued to call me very horrible things and I stated he should’ve read my profile then he would’ve saw I’m taken. Mr. Longfellow will be giving him a call later tonight πŸ™‚ I thought it was stupid how the guy told me he doesn’t have time to read my profile ( thats the clean version) and I said you don’t have time to read that but you’ll continue to message me being vulgar all because you got mad I’m not single. Anyway… Tomorrow Mr. Longfellow and I are going to the flea market and then to Kay jewlers. My ring snuggles did come in but I had to put two on. So there’s a little one then a big one over it. But yeah mama said that they should be able to resize it for $50. I helped her with some vases for an event that they are going to this Saturday. She really is nice. Everyone here makes me feel like family and included. I should be getting my replacement phone case either tomorrow or Monday πŸ˜€ saturday is the family BBQ. Oh yay.. Once again I get to sit around a bunch of meat and be awkward. I’ll just eat mashed potatoes. Mama said she’d make me some homemade Mac and cheese to take. She’s at the store right now. Papa Longfellow just got home and is grumpy.. I use his laptop charger when he is at work and his computer apparently doesn’t keep unless it’s plugged in and it was at 25%. So he’s over there in his special chair cussing at his computer. I feel bad every time I use it so I ordered one today. It was only like $16. Which is pretty good. HP wanted $44 and something then the shipping. Maybe I’m becoming a brand embassador like JG_Fitzgerald.