I got shots yesterday. It stung. Soooo today my ring snuggie gets here and I’ll be able to wear my engagement ring. I have felt bad because Mr. Longfellow has been saying “you don’t like it do you…”. I think it’s beautiful and even more special because it was his grandmothers. He got a tattoo. It’s the roman crest. I stood there for an hour and 45 min. I kept blacking out and I tried my best to stay in the room with him. The smell of alcohol for a long time makes me sick that and anxiety. I wanted to be done already. The tattoo artist in the room didn’t even offer me a chair. So I stood the whole time. I left and sat in the lobby and 2 min later he comes out and asks if Im okay. I only left because I didn’t want to throw up on him. But I got hugs and he thanked me for going with him to get his tattoo. I finally got my film for the Lomography Diana+  camera I have. Tim from Urban Outfitters ordered the wrong film. He ordered 110 film ams it says right on the camera it takes 120. 110 is for the way littler cameras /: I was so sad yesterday when i tried applying it. So its out in the mailbox with the return sticker on the box. My awesome phone case I ordered? It totally doesn’t fit. The Verizon guy told me I had purchased a Droid Mini. So I went home and ordered a case… For a droid mini. I got the case and the openable ports on the case don’t go to anything on my phone /: so I’m also returning that. I’m selling my iPod touch on Gazelle.com. They quoted me $37. It’s years old but money is money it’s not like I’m still using it. So that is also chillin in the mailbox. It’s actually pretty cool and simple you put in your device info then you put in your address and they ship you a box you make sure your device is cleared and put it in the box. Then you use the return label they give you and put it over the original sticker and they give you a sticker to seal the box 🙂 I love when boxes don’t need tape. A roll of clear packing tape is $4.46 at the post office. On the phone case package I definitely used office desk tape #yolo