My posts haven’t been posting /: anyway. Yesterday was Valentines day. I painted my pandas nails haha. I’m surprised. If I was a guy I’d say no. After that we got up and went to the verizon store and I got a droid mini. Now I don’t have to worry about $83 a month for my iPhone. Between me and Mr. Longfellow we pay $120 a month. I was happy his parents took the time and patience to get it taken care of. Papa Longfellow is bringing me Taco Bell. Oh yeah, I don’t eat meat so it’s just a cheese quesadilla. DELICIOUSNESS. It’s super cold. I’ve got a jacket and socks and I’m still ice. The other day I was sitting in bed with a winter coat on. Nice and toasty as i swam in business cards. I was so happy to be done with them. It killed my phone battery. So it’s Saturday and I ordered a “ring snuggie” (I think that’s what it’s called) for my beautiful engagement ring 🙂 it’s like a size and half too big and I had tape on the back and it was irritating my hand. So yeah it’s a piece of surgical grade PVC and it comes with 6 different size pieces. Amazon said it’d be here Tuesday or Wednesday. I also ordered my Droid Mini case. I love having free 2 day shipping! But yeah it’s black and lime green. Otterbox only had 3 one that’s grey/white, black, and purple/ light blue. I am not a fan of purple. My case obviously isn’t an otterbox but for once I have insurance on my phone so I’m not so paranoid. I am cautious with my technology. I’ve only dropped my iPhone 3 times and I got it in September of 2013. The black and lime green case said it was tested with military drop testing which involves shock and such so yeah. That should get here on Tuesday. Speaking of amazon still. Mr. Longfellow is a fan of Kingdom Hearts and I ordered him a Nintendo 3Ds skin with all of the characters from Kingdom Hearts. This was to be his valentines present. Well me and my lovely attention span mixed up the numbers ans it got delivered to the wrong house. So as usual I tracked the shipping like a hawk and saw it said delivered but I was home all day and didn’t get it so then I went back to amazon and reviewed the order and realized my mistake. I sent a message to the seller explaining the situation and how it got send back to them and asked what could I do. They told me it’s not a problem and they would send out a replacement. That was Monday. They didn’t ship it until 3 days later. Even though I would have liked to have it by now because I used 2 day shipping I’m grateful that they are sending it. That should be here on Tuesday as well. I like opening boxes 😀