Happy humpdaaaaaaaaaay! So I found out my sister is moving to Texas. Seems like everyone is leaving lately. I finally told her I’m engaged and she said ” i feel sorry for dad he’s losing everyone”.  I asked what she meant and she just stated that she’s moving and me and my oldest sister are getting married (not to each other…. That’d be weird). I mean what. people expect me not to start my own life just because of my parents? i’m not the one moving states away… I’m finally happy and no one deserves to tell me that I can’t finally have that. As I’m sitting here gizmo, the extremely fluffy cat, keeps licking my foot. Am I the only one who gets disturbed by this? Cats tongues are like sand paper and just. No. Haha. Yesterday I went to a bank in town and made some hot cocoa. How nice is that?! Talk about hospitality. Oh what you’re waiting for a branch manager? Here have some deliciousness. 2 days until valentines day. I’m probably not even doing for valentines day my sweetheart has to work 4:30 and doesn’t get home until an hour later. But i appreciate the time i do get. Do cats see in black and white? i know dogs do. I ordered film for my old style camera and the mail came and it’s not here  😦  i’m looking forward to the days i can go to creepy cemetaries and take pictures for the book im co-writing. But i give most of the credit to JG  Fitzgerald it’s his creation i’m a supplement.