Mondays. Eventhough im graduated i still dislike them. Yesterday i finally went to my moms house because she wanted to “chat”. Her chats always consist of telling me all of the things that she detests.Speaking of, i told my parents im engaged. I rambled talking about sharpies for 2 minutes and then i got the courage. My dad got up and left the room. I just want for once for them to be happy for me. I wouldnt trade my fiance for another soul in the world. Yes, he gets grumpy sometimes but so do i and every day i get next to him is a treasure. My mother also asked how long ive known him and i knew she’d ask because thats what she does.. She waits until im finally happy again and tells me the person is using me and they don’t feel the way they say they do about me.It’s pretty hurtful. I don’t care how long it’s been i’m commited to one man and he’s committed to me. So when she said i should wait until next summer to get married i got defensive. She twists the knife. She’s told me how people wouldn’t stay with me … what kind of mother says that to their daughter. Parents are supposed to show affection and love for their children. My father has never told me i look pretty, beautiful, gorgeous, ect. not even on prom day when i hugged him before i left… you know how sad that is? Every father should say that to their daughter. Especially when she’s all dressed up. and its not that he hides emotion. He says it to my other sisters… it makes me feel like an outsider  and even more because im adopted.just. i don’t understand.